Impact Of Participating During The Vita Program At Umd

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Impact of Participating in the VITA Program at UMD.

“Take a minute: look at your goals, look at your performance, see if your behavior matches your goals.”- Kenneth H. Blanchard, The One Minute Manager. The first thing I learned while taking BMGT 398A was to set goals for my performance at the beginning of my internship, and reviewing them throughout the semester to make sure I was working toward meeting those goals. Participating in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program at the University of Maryland allowed me to not only apply what I have learned in business courses, but it also helped me expand my teamwork and customer service skills. There seems to be a consensus among accounting professors and scholars that the VITA
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Participating in the VITA program has encouraged me learn more about taxation and possibly pursue a career in that field. In fact, next semester I will be taking Taxation of Corporations, Partnerships, and Estates (BMGT 417).
Setting learning goals, strategies, and achievement measures at the beginning of the semester helped me gain the most out of the VITA program. One of my learning goals was to learn how to complete resident and nonresident tax returns; my strategy for this goal was to complete 5 resident and 15 nonresident tax returns. During the first week of the program, I learned how to complete nonresident tax returns and apply available tax treaties to customers from applicable nationalities. By the end of the program, I completed 5 resident returns and 10 nonresident returns. Additionally, I reviewed 10 tax returns that were completed by other volunteers.
After gaining experience completing various tax returns during the first week of the VITA program, I was elected to become a team leader for the remainder of the program. This was a little scary at first as I did not expect to be placed in a leadership position when I joined the program. Nonetheless, becoming a team leader helped me develop my team management skills, which became one of the learning goals I set in the learning contract. At the beginning of every shift, I reached out to team members to see whether they were working on a current client and if they needed any
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