Impact Of Performance Parameters On Customers ' Satisfaction Level

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Impact of Performance Parameters on Customers’ Satisfaction level of Bancassurance Services in Public and Private Sector Banks
Ms. Nancy Arora*
Ph.D, Research Scholar
Department of Business Administration, CDLU

Dr. Arti Gaur**
Assistant Professor
Department of Business Administration, CDLU Sirsa-125055(HRY) Abstract: Bancassurance, which basically involves banks acting as corporate agents for insurers to distribute insurance products, has evolved as a strong distribution channel in many countries. Through this paper, an attempt has been made to trace the impact of performance parameters on level of customers’ satisfaction from bancassurance services in public and private sectors banks of Haryana. The relevant data in this regard has been analyzed with help of t test, Standard deviation and mean. The results of the study have been interpreted on the basis of such analysis. The results showed that customers showed higher agreement towards the performance parameters of private sector banks and lower agreement towards the performance parameters is observed in public sector banks.
Key Words - Bancassurance, Customer Satisfaction, Performance Parameters, Public Sector Banks and Private Sector Banks.

Bancassurance is a term which describes mutual relationship between insurance companies and bank and it is well known as bank insurance model (BIM).The insurance company aims to
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