Impact Of Photography On The Art World

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Changes in the art world is often looked at in a cautious light, from newer methods of digital media competing with traditional methods of painting and sculpting to the impact of photography entering the art world in a time when painting was a supremacy. To compare and contrast the challenges this introduces, the ideas presented in Aaron Scharf’s Art and Photography, Kirk Varneode’s The Artifice of Canor: Impression and Photography Reconsidered and Ian Dunlop’s Degas best references the aspects, the ideas and the approaches that artists and the art movements have made. Many artists, particularly painters in the time of the introduction of photography were reluctant and despised the idea of using the then modern form while some, such as Degas embraced and found the strangeness of fixed motion to compliment his sensitivity as a painter in the late 1800’s. Scharf’s Art and Photography commented on how Degas described his use of photographic material, writing that Degas ‘loved and appreciated photography at a time when artist despised it or did not dare admit that they made use of it’. This leads to the idea that Degas was seen as an odd figure for his era by being one of the few artist to embrace what photography brought to his practice. Degas used his interest in photography to bring back realism while many painters were dismissing the style and moving forward with the impressionist movement, they liberated themselves from the constraints that realism held to express new
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