Impact Of Postmodernism In Modern Society

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In this essay I will be explaining what post modernism is and how it has contributed to understanding contemporary families in our modern society. I intend to go into as much depth as possible when explaining the reasons behind postmodernists way of thinking as well as functionalists which is where the nuclear family is introduced. Families are a fundamental part of society. Over the years many theorists have put forward their ideas and beliefs which people have caught onto although sometimes their views can become heavily bias.

Firstly, postmodernism in sociology is a theoretical and conceptual way of thinking and being. Postmodernism as a theory has grown massively since the late 20th century as more and more people are able to adapt to ways of thinking and understand what postmodernism in itself is. People are learning to believe you can have what you want and live the way you want without having any problems and this is what postmodernists believe in. Judith Stacey (1996) and others suggest that families are constantly changing but not declining. More and more research is being done to understand the true meaning of the word ‘family’. As our modern society is constantly changing families are having to adapt to different concepts and different ways of living.

In todays contemporary society same sex marriage is becoming more and more common and more socially acceptable. As a result of this communities are merging together which is empowering the gay community,
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