Impact Of Power On The Workplace

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Introduction Influence is the key in making changes within the community and in the workplace. Power has a greater influence on people in the workplace, especially when it comes from a dominant leader. However, there is a there is gender biases and gender power disparities. By having a gender difference impact our choices in power and influence. As a result, this can affect the difference on wages, training, evaluation and promotion when it comes to a female compared to a male employee and leader. By developing specific action steps that are useful can use to help achieve our desired change for our project. The Power Influence According to Rajan and Krishnan (2002), power is the capacity to influence and it is also viewed as a function of the motives both the power-holder and the recipient. Power is a manifestation of an asymmetry in the relationship between two people. There are five types of bases that fall under the power of influence and they are coercive, reward, legitimate, expert and referent. A research study was conducted by Rajan and Krishnan about the meaning of each of the bases that fall under power and the result. The meaning of coercive power is the ability of a manager to force an employee to comply with an order through threat of punishment. Reward of power is the ability of a manager to give some sort of reward to employees. Legitimate power is the belief among employees that their manager has the right to give orders based on his or her position. Expert
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