Impact Of Roaring In The 1920's

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The United States in the 1920’s was a whirlwind of change and prosperity for most of its citizens. All aspects of life had been changed by World War I, for better and for worse leading the United States in to a period of prosperity. Roaring is an accurate word to describe the explosion of change that occurred in the 1920’s because of the lasting effects of the time that have shaped the United States into what it is today. Looking at elements of the country such as: mass culture, New Yorkers, the economy, the youth, and religious groups it is apparent that the 1920’s brought “roaring” changes to these groups and these factors of the United States as they worked through the first modern decade.

Religious groups in the twenties had a strong influence on the political sphere of the
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The 1920’s brought mass culture to almost everyone through radio, movies, advertising, sports, cars, and the influence of Hollywood. These influences sold a new way of life to the people and created demands for things so that consumers felt as if they needed these products to succeed in life. For example, Listerine mouth wash was taken from an antiseptic into something that should be used in every home. The advertising for this product would show sad people with unsuccessful love lives due to bad breath, though with the help of Listerine they could find love; it was made into an essential for having romantic love. Though, these products were mainly targeted and applicable to the white consumer who had the ability and desire to move upward in status, unlike many immigrants and people of color who did not have that luxury. Overall, the wave of advertising and mass culture brought the United States a new model of life that was dependent on consumerism and is a significant concept to the image of the “roaring”
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