Impact Of Sales Promotion On Long Term Shareholder

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Impact assessment of Sales Promotion on long term shareholder wealth in Retailing Industry
Retailing has been an important industry in any country. History would indicate that its form has changed with time as competition was no more a local phenomenon. Retailers started moving from being “neighbourhood stores” to expand their horizons nationally as well as internationally. Technology brought revolution in the retail industry with the advent of internet. Online retailers today have become a common part of everyone’s life. Mobile commerce too has started growing with the innovation of “App Stores” brought by Google and Apple. In this face of retailing, competitors have pushed themselves to gain more market share by trying various sales promotions and enthusing customers to spend. With such ambitions of retailers and a growing competitive landscape, it is important to understand the impact of various sales promotion activities carried out by participants on their ability to maximize profits and thereby enable wealth maximization for their shareholders.
Research Aim
This research aims to give a holistic view of the sales promotion activities carried out by participants in the retail industry; brick and mortar, online, mobile and multichannel. Further, it aims to see the impact of such activity on the sales of such participants. While one may assume, increased sales would lead to increased profits and thereby increase wealth of shareholders, such assumption or…
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