Impact Of Same Sex Parenting On Gender Identity Disorders

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“Impact of Same-Sex parenting on Gender Identity Disorders in adolescence”
Same-sex parenting will always face the two different concepts: one considering it lawful, plain and simple and the other opposing it as a matter of morality. Same-sex couples can never be equivalent to heterosexual couples in terms of legality, outcomes and even children as homosexuals lack the ability to give birth to children due to which they refer to joint adoptions mostly. Many countries do not allow the same-sex marriages to be legal as they are of the view that this will then provide the alternative to the heterosexual marriages which is exactly not the case.
Many researchers are of the view that same-sex parenting leads to various behavioral or personality abnormalities in the children parented by them. In many circumstances, children have to face prejudice by the society in the form of discrimination due to their belonging to such parents. Various interviews and statistical analysis was conducted in the past years to address the sexual stigma. (Kuvalanka, 2014)
A vast data is available on the issues and outcomes of same-sex parenting in different countries. Various researches are available demonstrating the impacts of same-sex parenting on the psychology of the children raised along with the state laws associated with them. Gender identity disorders (GID) are widely studied by the some researchers but very less data is available on…

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