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Samuel Johnson’s Influential Dictionary In order to provide a sufficient response to this intriguing inquiry, one should acknowledge the influential milestones of the Early Modern English period (c.1450 -1750) that laid the groundwork for the emergence of Samuel Johnson’s invaluable dictionary. On the top of that list is the evolution of the English Renaissance which is often referred to as the “Elizabethan Era” or the “Age of Shakespeare” after the most significant monarch and notable dramatist of that memorable era. Another remarkable occurrence is the British exploration, colonization, and overseas trade which hastened the English language’s acquisition of loanwords. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the glorious union of England and Scotland took place at that time while English acquired a typographic…show more content…
However, this era did have its downsides as well as its advantages. Thier only relevant disadvantage which is worth mentioning in this paper is that Latin and French were the dominant languages of school curriculums and the government. Therefore, English was not only faced with derogatory attitudes but it was also regarded as the vernacular of that age until the end of the sixteenth century where a more favorable view of it began to emerge. Notably, the tables were turned and English became the universally authorized language of the regime and the prevailing academic disciplines such as philosophy, medicine, law, and theology due to the fact that the role of the dominant languages extremely declined. As a consequence, the most remarkable breakthrough occurred in the middle of the 18th century which was the publication of Samuel Johnson’s dictionary. Indeed, “A Dictionary of the English Language” is the first lexicographical work to be viewed as an ideal model for all lexicographers (this term is used to refer to dictionary writers who occupy themselves with tracing the origins of the language and detailing both the

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