Impact Of Social Class On Education

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The impact of social class differences on education choices in higher education
The challenges that students from a working class background face in higher education.
This research will be designed to identify the inequalities that still exist in higher education and the barriers that broaden and reinforce social class divide. It will examine the origins of the barriers and also investigate what could be done to minimise these in order to promote social equality. Bourdieu’s theory of cultural reproduction indicates that class inequalities has been legitimatised and the education system is facilitated by possession of cultural capital and of higher class habitus which means failure of those students who do not possess these traits is inevitable (Sullivan, 2002). The researcher will use the raw data to indicate the extent to which this theory is still valid. The research will also add value to the already existing literature as it will heighten awareness that social class difference is a contributor in higher educational choices. It will also add to the limited research carried out in this area and will impact on policy makers and the decision made on higher education. The research will benefit the he academic and professional community. The main aims an objectives of the research are as follows:
 This research will deepen understanding on how social class impacts on educational choices in higher education.
 The research will identify the barriers that exist in higher…
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