Impact Of Social Media In Media

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Social media plays a major role in society today. It is used for a variety of things including news, marketing, advertising, and much more. There are many problems that arise with the use of social media and that is why social media can be a threat to the 21st century. Just recently, we had the Presidential elections which is the biggest election in our country and it was a very heated election. Many people relied on social media for their news about the election. They used social media to influence their decision on who they would vote for as well. Tom Murse states in his article 10 Ways Twitter and Facebook Have Altered Campaigns that “Twitter and Facebook both allow them to instantaneously gauge how the public is responding to an issue or controversy.” This allows the candidates to change their stance on the matter and possibly gain more voters. Even though they change their stance, it doesn’t mean that they may actually support the matter. Another problem we faced with the elections was fake news. Fake news played probably the biggest role in this elections turnout for various reasons. The biggest reason it had such an impact was because people relied on social media for their news and with the fake news, it changed people’s views of a candidate. In this election, people were struggling on deciding who to vote for and the easiest way to choose a candidate was by seeing the negative things each one has done. Fake news would always write bad and negative things about

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