Impact Of Social Media On Business Performance

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Impact of Social Media Marketing Introduction: It is considered that social media tools have gained a lot of popularity as well as increasingly used in day to day operations of many business organizations or companies, from start-up to small medium as well as large multinational organizations. Despite the fact that social media has gained popularity over it use, little has been known for their values to the business world or industry. The tools and technologies support for social media on business performance as productivity have not yet been exploited in the contemporary age (Asur & Huberman, 2010). The purpose of this paper is to determine the listing of the merits and the demerits of social media technologies and to analyse the extent to which their employment has a measurable effect on business production and performance as a marketing tool. The business impact of social media tools may be on management, strategic competitiveness, and governance and knowledge management. It is evident that emerging technologies can gain popularity because they allow the creation of corporation among the businesses in the company networks while the application of the tools is used as a marketing concept aimed at improving the ease of sharing information as well as data from the business to the consumer as well as the reverse. Therefore, it has to be ascertained that social media is an excellent marketing tool that has been used by businesses today and is still to be used by the same
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