Impact Of Social Media On Consumer Purchasing Behaviour And Implications For Organisations

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Impact of Social Media on consumer purchasing behaviour and implications for organisations Introduction Today we live in the age of internet which has given rise to many revolutions including e-commerce, m-commerce and now social media. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are changing the way how organisations are now targeting their customers and how it is used to engage with them in the new age. There is wide interrelationship between uses of such platforms to communicate with the customers. With the growing number of users on such platforms organisations see it now as an effective way of promoting to, engaging with and analysing consumers. The extent of impact it has on consumers is what needs to be known which the central theme of this research becomes. Research Aim The aim of the research is to find what is how organisations are using social media to promote their products, engage with their customers and analyse their behaviour in order to align their strategies with the market place and at the same time how is social media impacting the behaviour of consumers in making their purchase decisions. The aim is to know the impact of social media on the interrelationship between organisation’s and consumer’s behaviour. Research Objectives This study has three objectives as stated below: 1. To understand how organisations are using social media for promoting their products as well as new promotion activities, how they are using this new platform to engage with the customers and how
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