Impact Of Social Media On Real Estate Business

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Introduction Real estate is a strong indicator of the economic state of a nation. For this reason, matters of regulation often come into consideration when the cost of housing in a nation is questioned. While actual forces of demand and supply prevail in almost all markets across the globe, the ability to increase market scope comes as an added advantage. Where sale of houses, business premises and accommodation facilities is the business, there are many factors that can aid in the development of better business prospects. However, no country in the world has yet solved their housing problem. There is always a demand for more or better housing thus a market is always available for real estate developers. With advertising becoming expensive however, cheaper alternatives have made the business more vibrant. Such alternatives have been availed on social media platforms. However, this technology has had its pros and cons. Here is a look at the impact of social media on real estate business. Internet of things In the year 2000, the development of search engines hit its peak. With the world connected to the internet, the acronyms www and .com became popular across the globe. It was known as web 2.0. Since the development of the internet framework by the United States military, research on Advanced Research Project Agency Network (ARPANET) project to secure communication between officers in distant lands advanced. Tim Berners-Lee had invented the World Wide Web almost a decade
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