Impact Of Social Media On Society

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Impact of Social Media Social media has naturally become a huge role in modern day society. It is a simple way to outreach, communicate, share, or express personal opinions. The way to express these different features is functional through big name sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It is believed that nearly 2.5 billion people in the world will be using some form of social media in the year 2018, and 78% of the United States population has a social networking profile (Statistics and facts about Social Media, 2016). It is very apparent that a large number of people are using their personal accounts on their spare time, however, it does not only occur on their spare time. The only time social media can’t be accessed is when WIFI is unavailable, this meaning at a workplace, social media is very accessible. With the large amount of social media use, human resource managers must be aware of all the situations that could occur within their workplace. It is also important for HRM to understand the benefits and negatives of social media use. Benefits of Social Media One reason human resource managers should become aware of the use of social media is to benefit from the advantages social networking can provide. One of the biggest features of social media is networking and increasing traffic that the company could receive. According the writer Sam Kusinitz, “80% of marketers indicate that their social media increased traffic” (Kusinitz, 2014).
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