Impact Of Social Media On Society

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Is social media friend or foe to our growing complex society? Is it simply an added method of useful and useless communication? No matter which way online media is viewed it's here to stay. But does it define us, or limit our social etiquette and daily mannerisms? Over the past 10 years, social communication has flourished and thrived, tossing the idea of libraries and handwritten letters into the wind. Whilst continually evolving the way we perceive our surroundings. The divide between Generation X and Z is greater than before, but is it creating turmoil and sending us into outbursts of fight or flight; or enhancing our understanding of unity, peace, and technology altogether. Social media impacts society; whether through influence, news, culture, or even the wellbeing of our countries. Media is the greatest fuel for technological growth and evolution, but also to cyber warfare. 81% of Americans use social platforms in 2017, opposed 18% in 2007, this immense change happened faster than the use of cellphones, advanced farming methods in the 1800`s, and even discovering the cause of yellow fever. This growth is incredibly useful when it comes to sharing important information as well as comical anecdotes. Nonetheless, the question still remains, does social media impact society? Social media brings large groups of people together. With there being many different forms and methods of communication chose the one that is best for you is immensely hard, nevermind the fact that
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