Impact Of Social Media On The Workplace

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Introduction World organizations are opening up to the idea of usage of social media for reaching out to the employees. Some Organizations CXOs (CXO means the job titles starts with Chief and ends with Officer includes: CEO, CFO) still hold reservations about usage of social media for hiring and seem more comfortable with the more traditional methods like job portals, employee referrals, walk-ins etc. However, with increased pressure on CHROs to keep a check on recruitment budgets, they are exploring more social media options and we will see a greater momentum in this area in World. Companies continue to use intranet portal for internal branding and do not seem very open to using publicly available social media websites. One out of every nine people in the world use Facebook, with an estimated 700 billion minutes being spent every month on this application, it is interesting to note that over 2.5 million organizations have a Facebook presence in addition to their corporate websites. An estimated 250 million people access social media sites through their mobile devices. The impact that social media has on the daily lives of people is beyond “like” on Facebook or “re-tweet” on Twitter. Organizations are feeling the need to be present on not just one social media platform, however, on ensuring that they are “available and listening” to all at all times. Commenting on the role of social media in an interview to the Harvard Business Review, Howard Schlutz (CEO – Starbucks)
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