Impact Of Social Media On Tourism

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Either tourists are searching a flight deal or seeking a hotel for evening accommodation, today, they are checking out online reviews before making decision. Thus it’s no surprise that tourism providers are keen to post fake ratings on travel websites. Some are even willing to pay for the inauthentic testimonials to catch people’s fancy and preference. As one of the hottest issue in tourism industry, tourism review manipulation on social media are becoming an increasingly serious concern among tourists. Especially, the operator and supplier have the ability to manipulate the review and rate without the appearance of manipulation. Even worse, the issue has generated some ripple effects rapidly and jeopardise both travellers and tourism providers. Therefore, the essay is going to provide an overview of this contemporary issue and the current situation, and further illustrate the relevance between this and other contemporary problems like credit crisis in social media and review sites. Furthermore, through researching and analysing a number of real life examples, it will reveal the primary causes behind the issue. More importantly, the essay dedicates to find effective solutions to stop the problem and its influences from getting worse after conducting a comprehensive analysis. Last but not least, an integrated conclusion regarding the significant arguments and reflection of the contemporary issue, as well as the implications for the future review website will
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