Impact Of Social Networking On Employees ' Learning And Productivity Essay

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Impact of Social Networking Sites on Employees’ Learning and Productivity Abstract Social networking sites are used for awareness and connection, and presently the social networking site (SNS) seems to be the mantra that affects the productivity of employee in the workplace. The new media is growing so fast that it makes it imperative for employees to embrace the medium. The purpose of the study is to investigate the relevance of collaborative technology such as social networking to employee productivity and knowledge in the workplace. The study conducted among professionals of private firms indicate that social networking become an integral part of everyone’s life and have a strong impact. People use it for acquiring information, for conversation, to keep them update related to pressing situation of world and to gain information regarding latest professional opportunity, trend, and culture in place. Females use it for sharing information that relates to dress/fashion, trendy styles and for other branded commodities. The conceptual paper examines positive and negative perceptions of social networking sites, provides the relationship between social networking and employee productivity and examines whether social networking are capable of increasing the levels of employee performance and satisfaction. It was discovered that the use of social networks at work helped employees improve their productivity, but numerous studies also found the opposite. Thus, organizations
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