Impact Of Technologies On The Economics Of Healthcare

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Evaluate the impact technological changes have had on the economics of health care and what these changes mean to the health care industry, addressing at least two (2) changes.
Healthcare is being influenced by a myriad of disruptive technologies that are having a corresponding impact on the economics of health providers and the entire health care industry value chain. The two most disruptive technologies of all are cloud computing (Corredor, Martínez, Familiar, 2011) and telemedicine administered remotely over the Internet (Johansson, Wild, 2010). Cloud computing is completely redefining the traditional financing and expensing approaches healthcare providers rely on for funding capital expense (CAPEX) projects. With cloud computing, only the computing resources used for a given healthcare-related task are paid for out of operating expense (OPEX) budgets of healthcare providers (Corredor, Martínez, Familiar, 2011). This shift from CAPEX to OPEX is also driving down the costs of building IT infrastructure to support telemedicine, further driving down the costs of this approach to remote diagnosis and treatment (Johansson, Wild, 2010). Both of these technologies together are re-ordering the pricing and capability of a healthcare provider to deliver a more effective patient experience, often across thousands of miles of distance (Johansson, Wild, 2010).
A secondary effect of the combining of the two highly disruptive technologies of cloud computing and telemedicine is
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