Impact Of Technology On Asian Students And United States Students

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Technology is also very important with a student’ education. There are so many uses for technology that can show beneficial for both Asian students and United States students. Throughout the United States there is a wide variety of technology available for teachers. Mathematics Analysis Software, like scientific calculators, function graphers, and geometry packages are made available for students. Since the 1990’s a change in mathematics education has taken place because of the implementation of new ways to help students understand math a little better. This new way helps to implement information technology advancements (Tcheang, 2014).
Informational Textbooks It is very important to incorporate textbooks into math lessons.
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Books from Singapore are being shipped for use throughout American classrooms, NPR 's Robert Smith reports. These text books are thin, paperback affairs filled with pictures and story problems and English written (Smith, 2001). Asian countries like Singapore, have math textbooks that have aroused the interest of educators around America since the nation outscored the rest of the world. In 1996, the 1995 Third International Mathematics and Science Study was released. Teachers from the United States then began purchasing math programs from Singapore to use in their own schools. There are over 100 elementary schools throughout the United States that have purchased textbooks from Singapore according to, the Oregon City, Ore.-based distributor of the books (Hoff, 2002).
Self Determination
A child can be motivated to learn, but they have to want to learn as well. There is a myth that Asian American students are born smart, especially when it comes to math. Students of the Asian culture’s emphasis on academic achievement seems to be either the wanting of themselves to succeed or because social environment says you have to succeed (Zhao & Qui, 2009). Whichever way the student might think, research agrees that Asian students higher academics is totally a matter of the student wanting to be successful and not a matter of biological imperative (Zhao & Qui, 2009). Students in Asian countries use
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