Impact Of Technology On Children 's Development Negatively

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It is a beautiful summer afternoon, children are walking to the park and instead of talking and skipping with their friends, the children’s heads are looking down at their phones unconscious of the world surrounding them. Technology developments have doubled every year, and it will continue to advance in the future. Moore’s Law states that every twelve to eighteen months, computers double their abilities. When graphing exponential growth, the graph eventually reaches a point where growth seems almost vertical, but it is not actually vertical and it is also known as the Technological Singularity. It is a time that seems like Artificial Intelligence is possible, where intelligence levels exceed the human intelligence today: the human brain is meant to learn from interactions and experiences, but technology is advancing and is now targeting young children and somehow is trying to create human robots. A time where people have the knowledge of a computer may be a dream to many people, but various studies show how screen media and technology can affect children’s development negatively. Young children are becoming less efficient due to the continuous development of technology, which causes children to overuse advanced technology that can overstimulate the child’s brain that is designed to gain knowledge by interacting with others. Live-interactions have become an important experience in a child’s development in the modern world. Children who learn and gather information from
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