Impact Of Technology On Education And Society

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To whom this may concern, Recently the school board has been debating on whether they want to start “Shut Down Your Screen Week”, a campaign dedicated to getting students to not use any form of electronic media for an entire week. Though this campaign is only being aimed towards students, the loss of modern technology and media if directed towards parents and teachers would make their jobs much more difficult is not impossible. With that said, “Shut Down Your Screen Week” should not be implemented due to technology’s growing importance in education and society. To begin, most of us already know that students of the 21st century are quite tech savvy meaning they use technology periodically and get a great amount of use from it. Judging by the amount of time spent on these devices, it should be obvious that many students use these devices for reasons beneficial to their education. For example, is a student is having a difficult time completing a homework assignment, the internet will always have sources for the research needed for their assignment or tutorials on how to do certain math problems. Though it can be argued that technology isn’t allowing us to think deeply about certain things as said by this quote, “The fact is, you’ll never think deeply if your always Googling, texting, and surfing.”- The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains, it can easily be argued that from the research and information gathered from the internet can be used in a productive
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