Impact Of Technology On Health Care

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Technology in healthcare is growing to redefine health care processes both within health care organizations and the way people interact with them. Technology exploitation in mHealth (mobile health), Telehealth and speech-to-text software is rapidly increasing within the health care system to provide a convenient, fast and reliable means of connecting health care professions, patients and health information. mHealth provides rapid connectivity and remote communication means necessary in care processes by exploiting consumers demand and acceptance of wearable technologies. The quality of care processes is vastly affected by the effectiveness of the communication means available to care teams and patients. Such communication must ensure the timeliness, accuracy and feedback support for information- which are feature that current communication means lack. For example, information collected from patients is primarily based on the patient’s recollected; and may be supported by untimely information gathered from other physicians. Similarly, the physical distance of provided negatively affect the accuracy and feedback of information exchanges. Practical and customized health-centered mobile applications are increasingly becoming the communication of choice both for patients and care teams. Their integration in an everyday tool (the mobile phone) and their customization to health-care demands provide an efficient way to connecting providers with other providers and with their
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