Impact Of Technology On Health Care Industry

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Empirical Essay Main Idea The article, IT-Based Capabilities, Service Innovation, and Quality in Health Care, focuses on how there have been many developments in technology which could be utilized to “effectively deliver services” within the health care industry (Thambusamy & Palvia, 2011, p. 1). Through innovation, health care facilities are expected to provide top quality care to patients. Technology has made that possible; however, prior to this study, it was unsure if the two had any correlation. The research that was conducted involves the term “service” in the health care industry (Thambusamy & Palvia, 2011, p. 1). Three Important Facts One fact that the article emphases on is the importance of how “customers are demanding…show more content…
5). If a medical facility believes that they are providing the best quality of service to the patients, possible improvements will go unidentified. An example would be to reexamine the EHR program that is being utilized periodically to determine if an upgrade or new program would be more beneficial for the employees and patients. There are numerous EHR programs that are being developed and/or constantly undergoing improvements. Although a program is effective for the facility and patients, it does not signify that it is providing the best quality of care. Lastly, “health care facilities that use IT to improve their capabilities for service innovation and service quality have the potential to enhance their organizations’ strategic and operational performance” (Thambusamy & Palvia, 2011, p. 17). Innovation in the health care industry is pertinent for providers to be able to ensure not only the quality of care is exceptional but also to contribute in reducing medical errors. Allowing patients to have access to selected parts of their medical record allows the patients to have an active role in their health. Ideas Our text and the article discussed how “IT can also be used by health care facilities to improve
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