Impact Of Technology On Learning And Teaching

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Research Question:

President Obama remarked in his 2014 State of the Union Address, “It is not enough to train today’s workforce; we also have to prepare tomorrow’s workforce, by guaranteeing every child access to a world-class education (B. Obama, speech, January 28, 2014). This can only be done by preparing students to compete in the 21st century, and giving students the 21st century skills needed to compete in a global world. With that in mind, technology is going to be the driving force behind gain those skills. With this in mind, the focus of the research should focus on the following questions; what impact does a one to one technology initiative have on learning and teaching? What training and professional development must be required for teachers, students, and administrators to ensure that it fulfills the learning objectives of a school? These questions center primarily on understanding the impact that technology can have on learning, and particularly how a one to one technology initiative can shape that learning. The purpose of this question is to better understand what instructional practice best equip a one to one technology program, and how to maximize the effect of this program to have the greatest impact on teaching and learning within the district. The ensuing question focuses on guaranteeing that there is a clear understanding of the resources and training that will be necessary to properly and execute a one to one technology programs within all of our
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