Impact Of Technology On Our Modern World

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One small step for technology, one large step for mankind
Take a moment and look around you. What do you see? Most likely you are surrounded by technology. This new phenomenon is a vital part in the modern world. The domination of technology has engulfed our culture, it has become a large portion of our everyday life and the way that we function. Three authors; Christine Rosen, Lakshmi Chaudhry, and Jim Taylor, have illustrated the foundations of technology on our modern world. They have all taken sides on the cultural alterations, social effects, and distortion of our true identity due to technology.
It is thought that social Media is a way to portray yourself and your life online so that others can easily access it; to comment, like, or share your life events. It is a way of being social without truly seeing that person. According to Rosen, social media resembles a modern manipulation, in a way that we portray what we want others to see and can distort the true essence of our being. The easy accessibility of social media it has allowed our culture to flourish in ways it has never before. Providing that technology has become so easily accessible, it has allowed one to effortlessly alternate and updates their social media. But this accessibility has caused a social anxiety in its user, causing a need to be like others; to be cool, or known. This idea of fame has made our generation of social media users monotonous and analogous.
However, our easy accessibility to
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