Impact Of Technology On Society

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Technology is the first productive force, an important symbol of advanced productivity and a special social phenomenon and social activity of human society. Technology are indispensable to social development, and the development has greatly improved the human ability to transform the natural world. The development of modern technology has made the world more significant in economic and social societies. Without the advancement of technology, there would not be the high development of human material civilization and spiritual civilization. Without the progress of technology, we will not have the prosperity and stability of our country, and the progress of technology has greatly promoted the development of human society. In contemporary society, the influence of technology on social economy, culture and lifestyle is positive. But in the real world, technology also have negative impacts on people's daily life. The positive effects of technology on human society are mainly manifested in the following aspects: First, it has promoted the rapid development of social productivity and economic development. Humans with the use of technology can change the traditional mode of production, lead to modernization of production technology, improve the automation level of production, lower pollution, and energy consumption. High technical content, saves large amounts of labor works and material resources, it also reduces the production cost and improve the quality of the products. For example, the development of iron technology has enabled iron to be applied to agricultural production, instead of stone tools; they use farm machines instead of handmade farm tools.Technology injected vitality into the development of a society. Technology also promotes the improvement of people's lifestyle. Materials and spiritual cultural standards of living are improving. Technology uses socialization to become a scenery line of modern social life. The daily life of people is closely related to technology. Technology products have gradually applied to every aspect of social life, becoming an important part of modern human daily life. Airplanes, cars, ships and other means of transportation have greatly improved the speed of operation, making

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