Impact Of Technology On Society

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The Impact of Technology on Society
“Given that technology and technological systems are important in every culture around the world, it is absolutely essential that they become a primary focus of study.¨ Rodney L. Custer, author of Examining the Dimensions of Technology, uses this quote to describe the importance of technology and the impact it has around the world. Technology has always been an important field of study because of the many ways we have found to revolutionize our way of life. Lieve Van Woensel and Geoff Archer, authors of “Ten technologies which could change our lives”, give some examples of how technology has revolutionized our way of life in ways such as “the ability to discover previously unexplored places, coordinate our activities at home and in the workplace, and communicate with each other instantaneously.” These are only a few ways in which we have used technology to improve our lives. Bill Gates, author of “The Road Ahead” and founder of Microsoft, says that “Technology changes will change how the world works -- how people connect with each other.” These changes have had a big impact on the way the world operates today. Technology has advanced more in the last 100 years than since the dawn of civilization. How has technology been able to become so developed in such a short amount of time? To help answer that question, Justin Cook, owner of Glass City PC, says that “Key industrialists and innovators during the Industrial Revolution have laid the groundwork for the advancements in technology that we have today.” The Industrial Revolution has made rapid advances in technology possible in such a short time period. How will technology impact our future? To answer that question, William J. Kubitz, author of “Computer Technology: A Forecast for the Future” says that “Technology will only continue to improve over time. The ever-increasing complexity and lower cost of integrated circuit and computer technology will radically change our lives in the next 20 years.” Future technology will drastically change our lives in many innovative and unexpected ways. Although there are a staggering number of positive things to come from advancements in technology, there are also a few drawbacks. According

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