Impact Of Technology On Society 's Society

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Impact of Technology in Today’s Society Have you ever wonder your life with the use of the technology which can restore entire world information? The Book Feed by M. T. Anderson take us to the world where people are mostly reliable on device which manipulate them with every single decision that want to make it. The Author Bring up point with question that in Society should we concern about used Technology or just take as much advantage we can and make ourselves Foolish? I agree with the Author Some of the point which he try to explain through the messages to be send out in society where we should concern of adopting Technology and asked ourselves what impact it can have in our society. Also, I think this book shows how similar we are already in their society with the used of technology. To me the most important messages which author want to send out in society is to think that how technology is making us Stupid and not able to see the society with the Common sense. He described the impact of the technology by showing us how technology is stopping us to think for ourselves and by showing us how it causes people to not be able to express themselves well. I think as in society we should be concern about it because is shows us how the use of the too much technology has impact most of us in life with many criteria. For example, In the Feed the technology device that is used is making people dumb in the feed. Because the feed is a technological brain implant that effectively
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