Impact Of Technology On The Environment

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In our society we have become reliant on technology for everyday needs. The technological advances humans have experienced in the past years has had a severe impact on the environment. Since the mid-1800s at the start of the industrial revolution technology has increased the amount of environmental degradation. Throughout the American West and the Atmosphere, technology has caused environmental problems and solutions. The American West has seen a dramatic change as technology has increased since the industrial revolution, The Industrial revolution began in England in the 1800s. Technological advances increased the ability for industry and agriculture to produce goods and service. The increase in industry and agriculture caused more people to move to cities from the country. Larger cities caused the surrounding areas to become degraded. Water ways became so polluted that some of the streams had to be put underground in order to protect the water. In London, some small streams became so polluted with feces, food waste, and other refuge that in order to protect the drinking water the stream had to be put underground. Thousands of dollars were spent in order to protect the stream. Today the construction around the streams has to be maintained annually. Instead of allow the stream to flow naturally, thousands of dollars has to be spent every year in order to insure the roads and buildings above the stream do not disappear into the stream. The industrial revolution also resulted
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