Impact Of Technology On The Music Industry

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Developments within the music industry are seemingly frequent and numerous due to diversity and the various issues faced. For a sector that consistently adapts to demand, it was logical to decipher a development which not only alters significant factors within the industry, but also a development which endures (and even encourages) smaller advancements. The increase in readily available technology has had a significant effect on the music industry. Unlike other developments, advancing technology is constant and boundless. As technology advances, as does the equipment and processes used in the music industry. There are various arguments on whether advancements are beneficial or unfavourable. In such an adaptable and flexible industry, perhaps technological advancement was always inevitable. It pushes figures in the industry to explore new methods of distribution, possibly expanding even further. Technology affects every single person in the music industry from musicians to consumers. It changes the way music is created and the way it is received. The Transition from Physical to Digital There is no doubt that the recent advancements in technology have granted further possibilities as entrepreneurs adapt to new concepts. The introduction of the internet was possibly the propelling factor that paved the way for new and competitive thinking. Today, millions of people are accustomed to using the web; it is very much a part of everyday life. “More than 70 per cent of
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