Impact Of Technology On The Music Industry

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Over the years, music has become portable, starting with the transistor to a set of headphones. Technology has allowed us to create a diverse musical culture. Music will always have an effect on one’s culture, and it has definitely mad a huge impact on the use of technology. Cultural diversity is about bringing people closer together though the World Wide Web. Many music publishers are the key to cultural diversity when it comes to publishing all genres. They will increasingly continue to play a part in promoting diversity by bringing music of all kinds and forms to the music market. The way we access and listen to music has changed a lot in the music industry. For some, it may seem easier to download your favorite song from your favorite artist, but there are rules to the file-sharing and downloading of music. Before there was file-sharing, people would gather in concert halls for impressive music from some of the best known composers of all time. Today, there has been an abundance of ways to access and listen to music, in writing this paper, my goal is to discuss copyright laws, file-sharing, and the progression of how we access music. Before we reached the electronic musical era, there was good old fashion concert halls. People would gather together in the concert halls to see many different composers perform, all from which were in different eras; the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic era. By the year 1877, Thomas Edison had discovered how to record and reproduce sound
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