Impact Of Technology On The Workplace

921 Words Mar 8th, 2015 4 Pages Technology companies are still having a hard time implementing diversity within the work environment. Although these types of companies historically have not created an environment in which diversity flourishes. Current lawsuits for discrimination and harassment are causing technology companies to relook at their policies. Will these new policies and procedures be enough to diversify the technology world? As the article, Diversity: Tech companies need new strategies by Joelle Emerson , points out, even law firms, after 20 years of implementing diversity policies and procedures are still not diversified.
Tech companies are investing more financially to evaluate strategies and solutions for diversifying the workplace, but many are finding it hard to come up with an action plan that will assist in helping diversify the company. This is in part due to internal struggles within each company. It also is in part due to individualized companies have not perfected a process to get tech companies to the next level. Once a tech company makes a breakthrough on how to achieve diversity, others will follow suit.
An importance feature tech companies have is the ability to change with the times. It is due to this ability of not accepting what has always been that a company can begin to make changes for diversity. If diversity practices within the…
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