Impact Of Technology On Women 's Equality And Empowerment

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One fundamental way in which technology is often expressed in any society is through gender. The relationship between technology and gender has been theorized through decades due to the fact that the social struggles for equality between men and women are a contemporary topical issue. Lately, there has been an increase in the strength of the women’s movement advocating matters on women’s equality and empowerment. Amongst these issues is women’s invisibility in all aspects of technology. Some individuals view technology as neutral (Faulkner 2001: 90) but those who reject that notion view technology as a socially defined concept. Feminist technology studies understand technology to be socially constructed due to the concept of gender socialization; technology is socially constructed in conjunction with gender. Gender socialization refers to the range of social process in which men and women learn their gender roles. It often takes place in families, daycare centers, schools and within the media. Men and women are socialized into different gender roles, which are culturally produced. Historically, technology was defined as a masculine concept (Wajcman 2000: 447) even though the tasks that woman were forced to take on in the past involved a high degree of skill. This debate is looked at through a variety of perspectives, one being the feminist point of view as it involves norms guiding the social positions of women. Within society, gender differences often form a basis for
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