Impact Of Technology On Young Children

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Over the past fifty years society has seen the evolution of technology. Society has gone from having just one TV in the home to being immersed where technology is surrounding people everywhere they turn. People are now living in the “Digital Age” where most families own TVs, computers, video games, Ipads and Iphones. There has been such a rapid growth of the use of all these devices, which has led to the growing concern of how it affects young children. While technology is constantly changing throughout history and from day to day the question of limiting the usage of any digital device still remains the same. The problem and ways society has responded to it is recorded throughout history. As it has been said, history is recorded and studied for people in societies to learn from the mistakes in the past. As people are beginning to question how to deal with the issue of screen time limitations they need to look back and see the way people handled the first time kids began watching TV programs. When new things are introduced into our society, especially technology, parents and teachers need to be quick to evaluate the positive, negative, and educational ways that it can affect one’s child and see if limitations are necessary.
When TVs were first created they were solely used in the home to watch the news or for children to watch a few programs that were on the air. Over time, TV began to be in every room of the house, more children’s programs were made, and TV was beginning…
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