Impact Of Technology On Youth

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Technology and Youth Technology is constantly evolving the way people look at the world. The ability to communicate has become dependent on technology, giving adolescents the ability to communicate without face to face interactions. Even though it has many positive aspects this new form of communication might not be so great for today’s youth. The advancement of technology, especially smartphones and social media has negatively affected teen behavior. Today teens spend more time on their phones than doing anything else. “Teenagers on average spend eight hours or more on their devices” (Ashely M). Teens carry their smartphones everywhere. It has become somewhat of an obsession which is causing isolation amongst the youth. Because of this new founded isolation teens are unable to hold functional face to face conversations with others. With social media being one of the fastest growing form of communication teens no longer need face to face interactions to meet people. Although teens can communicate with people all over the world, when it comes to meeting people in person it becomes difficult. Shelby Snider author of “The Effect of Social Networking on Teenager Communication has found that “teens are losing their ability to read nonverbal cues from other people” (Snider). This inability to detect social cues causes a lack of positive communication skills in teens. Basic communication starts by being able to read facial expressions, understanding emotions and body language. If unable to understand these social cues teens might not be able to respond appropriately in a social setting, which can cause them to feel lonely and out of place. Not to mention “Those who disliked personal communication were more likely to use socially interactive technologies.” (Nielsen). Teens who are shy or antisocial rather hide behind the wall of the internet than speak out in public. Today’s youth is so using to being known as a screen name they have become accustomed to life on social media. It has become easier to pick up a smart phone and send a message, instead of going out to meet someone. Because of this, teenagers live in a bubble where it is just them their phones and their bedroom. In addition, curtain of social media allows
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