Impact Of Television On The Twentieth Century

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Entertainment in the twentieth century is everyone sitting down in front of the television to watch their favorite program. Whether it be a game show, cartoons, sports, or classics, everyone is together laughing and making comments about the show. However, little thought is given to the time before television or even its beginning. Television didn’t just show up one day and magically change the way we live; it had its ups and downs. However, once television made its way into the world, it became one of the greatest technologies ever known to man. Although television began almost one hundred years ago, people all over the world take for granted what it is today. Starting in 1927, the television took its first steps into the world. Although its beginning was in the 1920’s, it took almost twenty years for the world to really begin to accept television. However, once television was accepted, it began to take off, evolving into what it is today. Most people soon forgot about listening to the radio, as television became the new standard for life. By the 1950s, it was the only thing people could think about. The 1940’s and 1950’s marked the era in which television really began to take hold in the
Americans’ everyday life. The Golden Age of television was a period of intense growth and expansion of the television world.

The arrival of television into the home brought families and communities together, building relationships in a new and different way. The…
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