Impact Of Terrorism On African Progress

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Africa faces many problems which boycott its transition from predominantly the frontier market to the emerging market sector. This essay will discuss the impact that terrorism and militancy have had on African progress, and, outline the successes and failures of the approaches that have been taken to combat this. Terrorism is still without a concrete definition however the UN Security Council uses “Criminal acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of terror in the general public” (United Nations, 2015) as way to condemn terrorist acts. For the purpose of this essay we will use regional examples from Nigeria and Somalia to show a variety of situations rather than consider African terrorism as a whole. Additionally we will critically analyse the economic and political implications these policies have had on the regions and suggest recommendations for future action.

Nigerian terrorism and Militancy:
The first section will discuss the effectiveness of terrorism prevention in Nigeria. Nigeria has been known to be affiliated with numerous terrorist organizations including Al Qaeda. However in recent years it has become commonly known for its association with Boko Haram a similar radical Islamist group. Boko Haram’s mission to “De-Westernize” the country has led to over 2,000 civilian deaths (Open Briefing and Bradbury’s Global Risk Partners, 2015). The group deals primarily in kidnappings but showed deadly force in 2011 with the UN suicide bombings in Abuja.…
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