Impact Of Terrorism On International Tourism

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THS3INT Assessment Task 2 Research Report “Terrorism is an enigmatic and compelling phenomenon, and its relationship with tourism is complex and multifaceted”. (Mc.A.Baker, 2014:58) Emily Kate Tucker 17742875 Nadia Vago Thursday 11am HU3 411A Table of contents 1.0 Executive Summary 3 2.0 Introduction 4 3.0 International Tourism 4 4.0 Terrorism 4 5.0 The Impact of Terrorism on Economic and Socio-Cultural Factors 6 6.0 The Impact of Terrorism on International Tourism in the Future 6 7.0 Conclusion 8 8.0 References 9 1.0 Executive Summary International tourism is a significant contributor to economic growth and development with international receipts surpassing US$ 1,240 billion in 2014. Despite the industries continual growth and notable economic power, international tourism is highly vulnerable to internal and external challenges in particular terrorism. Terrorism can be defined as the premeditated use or threat of use of violence by individuals or subnational groups to obtain a political or social objective. Terrorists target tourist and tourist destinations for a number of logical reasons, inclusive of the extreme media attention they receive which was first made evident during the 1972 Munich Olympic Games ‘Black Saturday’ attack. As we discuss throughout the report, drawing attention to the September 11, 2001 al-Qaeda driven terrorist attack, the economic and socio-cultural impacts of on the tourism
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