Impact Of Terrorism On The Middle East

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HAMAS INTRODUCTION: Terrorism in the Middle East has brought the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the attention of the world. These terrorist groups use murder, bombs, threats, and other violent acts to get their way politically. Hamas, the organization that has replaced Fatah as the representative of the Palestinians, is a leading sponsor of terrorism. Critics say the group is a terrorist organization that wants nothing but to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. Supporters say Hamas, which represents the only organized Palestinian military force, is a coalition of freedom fighters and liberators defending the Palestinian people.
HAMAS CREATION AND LEADERSHIP: This group was created in 1987 and continues to expand its power today. Hamas formed in late 1987 at the beginning of the first Palestinian intifada. Hamas was created by Sheik Ahmad Yasinat, along with Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi, and Mohammad Taha in late 80’s at the beginning of the first Palestinian uprising”( Biersteker 2008). Hamas uses paramilitary force and the violent part of Hamas, stage anti-Israeli attacks including improvised explosive device attacks, and rocket attacks against Israeli targets inside the country of Israel. Its roots are in the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, and it is supported by a robust sociopolitical structure inside the Palestinian territories. “The group’s charter calls for establishing an Islamic Palestinian state in place of Israel and rejects all agreements made…
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