Impact Of The Agricultural Industry On The United States Essay

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According to Daniel L. Swain of the American meteorological society and Stanford University, says that the 2013 and 2014 drought in California was an exceptional climate event in the western coast of the United States( Swain) The drought that has impacted the state of California has been a national phenomena for a few years now and how it affects the climate and economic aspects of the United States economy has helped increase awareness to the general public of the United States. California has a majority of all farming in the U.S., including crops that are exclusive to California , These crops that are vital for our survival have been hindered by the droughts of the western United States and California.. The impact of the agricultural industry in the United States has been greatly impacted by the effects of the drought in southern California. The Californian drought of the 21st century effects what the rest of the country receives in terms of produce and crops from California. Therefore the American people that live other places in the U.S. should have more concern for the drought of California than they have today. We need to find other ways,
Problem of Drought in California There are many conspiracies on what caused the droughts of California besides lack of rain and usable water. Some people consider it to be a part of climate change and global warming. Since the drought impacts millions of Americans on a yearly basis, this means it is a national problem that
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