Impact Of The American Automotive Industry Essay

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The American automotive industry is a massive force, to say the least. The historical impacts of automotive technology and assembly line manufacturing has effected economies around the world and has also created world-wide ecological challenges. Governments, under pressure from environmentalists, have had to realize, create, implement, and constantly refine manufacturing and emission standards. Consumers, who foot the gas bill for vehicles, continue to express their desire for less expensive autos that require less fuel without sacrificing style, comfort, safety, or performance. One cannot discuss the impacts of the American automotive industry without giving due credit to Henry Ford. While Ford did not create the first gas powered car, nor the first assembly line, he did revolutionize both (Voice of America, 2012). He was an accomplished machinist and one day he discovered a gas powered machine called a Silent Otto (Voice of America, 2012). Henry was a self-motivated independent learner who relished innovative challenges. As his innovations developed marketable products, Ford insisted on making cars that were affordable for everyone. The improvements he made to assembly line manufacturing streamlined production and kept consumer costs low, even though he had to fight tooth and nail to retain this control. Ford 's advancements in mass production lead to foreign expansion in Japan and Western Europe after both World War 1 and World War II (The Automotive
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