Impact Of The Anti War On The Vietnam War Between 1965 And 1975

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Year 10 Australian History

Why was Australian society divided over the issue of our involvement in the Vietnam War between 1965 and 1975? (750-1000 words)

During the decade of 1965-1975, Australian society was controversially divided over the involvement of Australian troops in the Vietnam War. At the peak of the nations involvement, some 8,500 troops were serving for their country. Vietnam was split into the “democratic” north and the communist south, which was highly supported by the USA and most of its allies such as New Zealand and Thailand. There were three main reasons of which Australia entered the Vietnam War, which all equally contributed eccentrically to the division of Australian societies opinions of whether it was necessary that we as a nation become involved in the Vietnam War. These reasons are the threat of communism, supporting the alliances with the United States of America, and requests for the Australian troops involvement in armed conflict as well as tactical planning. The final topic of relevance being discussed is the impact of the anti-war protest beginning in 1969.

Firstly, the threat of communism was immense. There was a genuine belief and somewhat fear of communism from Asia sprawling into Australian society. The main objective of the South-East Asia defence treaty, known as SEATO, involved preventing Southern Vietnam from becoming a communist state by force of arms and terrorism. According to The Sydney Morning Herald (June 24, 1971),
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