Impact Of The Aviation Industry On Unplanned Events That Have Occurred

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2.0. introduction: The purpose of this report is to outline 3 significant changes made to the aviation industry due to unplanned events that have occurred in the last 20 years. 3 factors/events that have influenced changes in the commercial aviation industry will be thoroughly investigated. 3.0. The events: 1. |UAV incident A drone used to film the grand final between Australia and New Zealand crashed just south of an arena in Melbourne. The ATSB found that radio frequency interference was the cause of the crash. (TURF MATE , 2016)The possible effects of an increased volume of radio frequency, mainly due to the use of mobile phones and broadcasting stations at the arena were the major contributing factors leading to…show more content…
After collecting more than a million pieces of debris investigators found that the fire came from the planes in-flight entertainment network. Vulnerable Arcing wires above the cockpit set fire to the flammable fuselage insulation causing it to spread rapidly. (CBC News , 2013) 4.0. Future implications: 1. Due to this accident and many other UAV incidents CASA has responded to this issue by enforcing and creating new rules when operating a drone. This year 2016 CASA has introduced strict rules for drone operators such as, drones being kept more than 30 metres away from other people and must not be flown over crowds at beaches or sporting events. (Digital life, 2016). Drones also need to be operated in daylight where the operator can see them and should be kept for at least more than five kilometres from airports while staying below 121-metre-height limit. CASA also made deals with major drone companies to include the regulations inside each box and also covering the importance of appropriate operational controls and procedures covering drones. (RPAS, 2016) These strict rules are not only because of the increasing numbers of incidents but because of the increasing number of drone’s in the air. Anybody can purchase a drone from fifty dollars to thousands of dollars making it such an affordable and accessible toy. Because they are airborne objects drones represent threats to people and property. Especially when faults occur in equipment or in the

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