Impact Of The Civil War On African Americans

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The Civil War was a massive milestone in American History. This war started in 1861 and lasted four years. It was between the Union and the Confederacy over their differences and problems they created. The consequences the nation faced due to the demolition of the Civil War, was terrifying. Then the Reconstruction era was born to restore, reinstate, and unite the United States as one. During the Reconstruction of 1865 through 1867, African American lives were impacted economically because they were given few rights and their resources were limited, socially because they wanted to be given an ordinary lifestyle, and politically because they weren’t allowed to be joined or linked with the government. The economic impact on African Americans is their rights and resources were limited, and their life was restricted. During the Era of Reconstruction, the South was divided into five military districts. These Districts were created for African Americans to live in. The bad impact this had on African Americans was they were restricted to resources and their rights were limited because they would have to abide by the rules within the districts, or they would be disowned and left stranded (Doc. B). This act was present everywhere in the South except for Tennessee. In November 1865, the Mississippi Penal Code was put into place. This code restricted African-Americans from carrying and type of firearm or ammunition. If they are caught they are to be arrested and put up for trial and
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