Impact Of The Common Core State Standards On The Instructional

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Impact of the Common Core State Standards on the Instructional Program Before the birth of Common Core, Illinois like many other states had its learning standards to identify what students should know and be able to do pertinent to their grade levels. Implementing such standards caused many Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to end up on academic probation, due to low test scores and failure to progress students to proficiency levels in core subjects like reading and math. In fact, Chicago Tonight reports that only 35 percent of eighth graders across the country meet proficiency standards in reading while only 25 percent of high school seniors that took the SAT examination showed college readiness through their test scores.…show more content…
To remediate this, we contracted with the Achievement Network to help us connect the standards to a curriculum and plan for a more fluid instructional delivery that would improve the assessment outcomes. They provided us a structure that laid out the Common Core Standards of assessed skills that included a scripted curriculum and instructional activities outlined in their guidelines. Students are making growth towards attainment. However, only 9% of the student population have met grade-level proficiency targets. Teachers are feeling that they are harshly judged because 30% of their evaluation is based on students meeting proficiency.
Addressing Benefits and Drawbacks to Adopting the National Common Core State Standards Some of the benefits of using the Common Core Standards is although only 9% of our students are at attainment, we can monitor progress throughout the school year, allowing teachers to track progress instead of making comparisons to other students. Our student 's critical thinking and problem-solving skills are improving as they exercise various skills in responding to questions. Many questions have two parts, and students must answer the first part correct to increase their chances of answering the second part right. Professional Development is more economical as multiple schools team up and shares the costs to be trained. Since we have a 36% mobility
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