Impact Of The Construction Industry On The Uk Economy

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The construction industry provides over 3 million jobs in the UK, this being more than 10% of the total UK employment with it contributing to over £90 billion to the UK economy. (Rhodes, 2014) The construction industry is made up of several dynamic and multiple-skilled sectors that come together to deliver a product, service or result, with the outcome of the project being to create a change. With the industry having such a huge impact on the UK economy we have to understand the need to deliver, and how we can deliver successful projects whilst dealing with obstacles correctly; such as the uncertainty of our climax in order to achieve successful results.

Today stakeholder engagement/management is one of the most common challenges in the construction industry. There is now a growing need to further engage stakeholders into the decision making process. (herry pintardi chandra, 2012)This will help enhance the project performance and identify specific needs.

Stakeholders are anyone who is effect by the change, any group or individual who claim ownership, rights or bear some of the risks associated with it. This can be an internal stakeholder such as owners, investors, workers or external stakeholders such as the general public.

This report will focus on some aspects of the fragmented construction industry. It will highlight the importance of engaging and managing stakeholders during a project as it is crucial for achieving successful outcomes. It is vital that the…
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