Impact Of The Crusades On The Beginning Of A New Era

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There is a moment in the Later Middle Ages that to this day is involves an great examination of its origins and the events leading up to the cause of a massive phenomenon, that changed the course of history. The Crusades, is one of the most misunderstood events of its time, because what proceeded after the Frist Crusades. The Crusades were a vicious and merciless time in the Later Middle Ages, and the leaders of the crusades understood that and used the spirit of the Crusades to achieve their own goals both political and religious. The impact of the Crusades marks the beginning of a new era in western world. In the Later Middle Ages lies a dark period in which most of the western cultural had been extremely violent, especially the…show more content…
The topic of the sermon was to discuss two main issues in the current times. First, was the issue of a lack of Christendom and the failings of the Christian people. As was previously stated warfare was a common practice and plundering was done by the masses. Second issues were the invasions of the Muslims into the areas of Christian kingdoms. The Turks had entered into Roman territory in 1095 and Constantinople was in danger of conquest. Alexius I of Constantinople asked for protection from the western cities, Pope Urban responded because he feared the consequences if the Turks were to invaded in to Constantinople. Pope Urban II then urged his council in his sermon to:
“Resume the powers of their faith and arouse in themselves a fierce determination to overcome the machinations of the devil, and to try fully to restore Holy Church, cruelly weakened by the wicked, to its honorable status as of old.”

He requested that all those who are able to fight to come serve God’s people in his reconquest of the Holy Land. The reward for fighting in the crusaders was forgiveness, all of your sins; automatic acceptance into heaven, and lastly a tax exemption. Anyone who declared to be going on a pilgrimage for God would be waved of his/her tax fee and protected by the church. This statement causes a great number of volunteers to go to fight against the Muslims army.
With Pope
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