Impact Of The Development Of Agriculture On Native American Society

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1. The impact of the development of agriculture on Native American society is that it brought prosperity and stability. Also that these economic development fostered the development of permanent settlements. 2. There is 566 different native American societies in the USA 3. The catholics think that the pope is the substitute of Christ. The Protestants believe that any human is infallible and that only Christ is the head of the church. Also, the Protestants believe that the Bible is the special revelation from God to the humankind, which tells us what is necessary for our salvation. The Protestants reformation was the 16th century religious, political, intellectual, and cultural trouble that splintered catholic Europe, setting I place the structures and believes that would define the continent in the modern era. 4. The factors that contributed to the development of western European interests of exploration, and discovery was the desire of wealth, power, the status competition, and a push among the Christians set for new converts, also the new trade routes. Also the Black death, and the decline of feudalism, and finally the impact of renaissance contributed to the development. 5. Christopher Columbus discovered America or “the new world.” He was a navigator, explorer, and colonizer. 6. The Columbian exchange refers to a period of cultural and biological exchanges between the New and Old Worlds. The impact on European and

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